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Piercings for Children & Teens

We’re happy you’ve decided to give your child a great piercing experience. What we offer here is likely much different than what you experienced as a child and what you’ll find in “piercing gun” establishments.

One of the biggest differences is that we do not use piercing guns. Our process uses tools specifically designed for piercing, which provides a safer, gentler, and more accurate experience for your child. Everything we use is sterilized for each procedure and properly disposed of afterward. Nothing is used from person to person for safety.

At El Zorro Tattoo Shop, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our youngest clients. Therefore, we have established a minimum age requirement for piercings. Infants must be at least 6 months old to receive a piercing at our studio. This policy ensures that the baby has reached a suitable developmental stage for the procedure, minimizing potential risks. We also require parental consent and presence during the piercing appointment. Our experienced staff follows stringent hygiene and safety protocols to provide a comfortable and secure experience for both the baby and the parents.

Jewelry has also been improved. “Starter studs/earrings” are a thing of the past. We offer a range of earrings/studs in implant-grade titanium or solid 14k/18k gold with disk backs for more comfort and easier cleaning. This initial jewelry is safe to wear for a lifetime, and many prefer this style for daily wear in healed piercings.

Suggested aftercare has changed as well. Gone are the days of harsh, burning chemicals like alcohol/peroxide/etc. and twisting/turning your jewelry.  That hurts and it’s not good for your piercing. Our recommended aftercare focuses on protecting your piercing and allowing your immune system to heal.

General Policies for Children & Teens

  • For anyone under 18, we are required to have additional paperwork. We must have ALL of the following for each piercing:

    1. Valid photo ID of person getting pierced, such as a passport 

    2. Valid photo ID of parent who will be present during piercing.

    3. Birth certificate to prove parental relationship. We also need legal documentation of any name changes, if names on documentation do not match IDs.

  • All IDs must be physically present and birth certificates must be originals or certified copies. We cannot accept photos or copies.

  • The parent attending must be in the piercing room to witness the piercing procedure.

  • Jewelry is always priced separately from piercing service fees.

Piercings We Cannot/Do Not Perform Under 18

While it may seem obvious, we must state that we cannot and will not pierce the nipples or genitals of those under 18. It is illegal and unethical. Anyone offering these services is no true professional.

We do not offer oral piercings like lip or tongue piercings on those under 18. First, these piercing present a risk for permanent damage to teeth and oral tissue . We believe that risk is not warranted on someone who may not fully understand the permanence or possible cost to fix the damage. Second, touching the mouth of someone under 18 is a legal grey area such that we are not comfortable offering the service.

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