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Tattoo care instructions

We would love to design a totally new tattoo for you, exactly where you want it. We just need a few details, before we take care of everything else. We know that if we are talking about tattoos , there are many options to choose from, but nothing compares to your taste. Give us the opportunity to design an incredible tattoo

here we leave you  Tattoo care instructions for you.

Your tattoo was created under strict hygiene and professional conditions, employing cutting-edge sterilization techniques and the finest pigments available. Proper care is now in your hands to minimize the risk of infection or damage during the healing process.


Recommended Products:

  • Neutral soap

  • Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Neutral Moisturizing Cream


Aftercare Instructions:

  1. Initial Days:

    • A slight ink and liquid discharge is normal in the first 2 days.

    • Always wash your hands before direct contact with the tattoo.

    • Keep the tattoo covered for 1-2 days to safeguard against airborne bacteria.

    • Remove the synthetic bandage on the first or second day.

    • Avoid gym activities or contact sports until the inflammation subsides.

  2. Cleaning and Moisturizing:

    • Carefully remove the bandage; if stuck, wet it to avoid removing formed crust.

    • Clean the tattoo twice daily with lukewarm water and neutral or antiseptic soap.

    • Pat dry with a paper towel, avoiding rubbing.

    • Apply a thin layer of recommended cream 3-4 times a day for 15 days.

    • Avoid scratching or rubbing the tattoo; let scabs fall off naturally.

  3. Additional Care:

    • If on lower extremities, avoid standing for more than two consecutive hours.

    • Refrain from drugs or alcohol during the healing process.

    • Do not let the tattoo dry out; use moisturizing cream until fully healed.

    • Protect your tattoo from the sun with sunblock after healing.

  4. Healing Process (2-4 weeks):

    • Skin peeling is normal; refrain from scratching to prevent damage.

    • Expect temporary stinging, inflammation, and discomfort; subsides after 48 hours.

  5. What Not to Do:

    • Avoid Vaseline or petroleum derivatives.

    • Refrain from using high-concentration antibiotic creams.

    • Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

    • Avoid sunbathing, immersing in bodies of water, and saunas.

    • Do not use excessive cream or inappropriate products.

    • Avoid applying colognes, makeup, or wet wipes on the tattoo.

  6. Emergency Contact:

    • Reach out if you experience sudden symptoms like excessive swelling, redness, or elevated skin temperature.

  7. General Tips:

    • Use clean, breathable bedding; change frequently.

    • Wear comfortable clothing for abdominal and lower back tattoos.

    • For foot tattoos, avoid tight footwear in the initial days.

    • If assistance is needed for cream application, ensure the person has washed their hands.

    • Clothes in contact with the tattoo should be breathable and clean.

    • Be cautious with animals to minimize infection risk.

  8. Cautionary Notes:

    • Avoid hot water directly on the tattoo.

    • Keep the initial bandage on for at least five hours; limit touching and let friends admire from a distance.

    • If any skin problems arise, consult a doctor.


Remember, the responsibility for tattoo care lies directly with the client, and following these steps ensures the best possible result.

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